Service Sales to Product Sales

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In a hair salon, your number one source of revenue is the services you provide on your clients.

Well, when the government shuts down your salon that means no services taking place.. which means, no income. In our industry, if you aren’t working behind the chair, you aren’t making any money and neither is the salon. So this business shutdown was a huge impact for us all.

However, another source of income for salons is selling retail, hair care products! Not typically as much of a profit margin- but still, PROFIT! And that’s exactly what we were needing. So instead of taking the time off, we switched to pushing product sales online via social media platforms and through our e-commerce website! It was perfect- people could still take care of their hair care needs, make an order online from the comfort of their own homes, and have contact free delivery straight to their door.

Our product sales went from about 2% to 10% in the matter of one week- and when you think about your exposure online, if 10 in every 100 people who see your posts purchase a product, that’s a great deal. So pivoting from service sales to product sales has kept our business alive during this Covid-19 quarantine.

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