Resourceful Practices


COVID-19 has upended families, routines, finances, altered lives and has changed the face of traditional on ground education for many. However... as in every crisis, we are resilient and resourceful. From school bus drivers delivering meals or hot spots for distance learners, to teachers and other staff members conducting video classes, online assignments or preparing for lesson packet and technology pick ups at school locations - we put aside worry to meet the need.

Tips for teaching, learning and working in the online/remote environment;
  1. Stay on a schedule 
  2. Factor brain breaks and physical activity into the schedule. 
  3. Break up the day with activities that foster creativity (art, music, crafts, journaling, reading etc). 
  4. Reach out, network, collaborate, share ideas, stay connected.

Lastly, ask yourself, what can we do differently that will have a positive effect on our future and in the lives of others?

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