Partnerships Create Strength

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What a time to be alive! This pandemic has done crazy things around my city. Even though Tulsa is small, we still feel the impact.

My company is local and small as well. We provide web development, software development, and data engineering services for local clients in just about every industry. Luckily we have not been majorly impacted by the COVID pandemic, but I do know things have slowed down a bit for us. During this time I decided to spend more time growing my partnerships with other companies that offer services like mine.

In doing so, I networked with a company out of Austin called Outliant. They are about double to triple our size and have about 100 leads coming in per day for small websites that they just don’t have time to manage. We decided to set up a profit sharing model so that I could work the leads and take the business while they get some benefit from tossing the leads over the fence. So far this has been a great model to churn up some more business while momentum has slowed down a bit for my local clients.

I hope that as we come out of this pandemic my company will now be stronger than ever with a new partnership and new processes in place with long lasting relationships and new clients!


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