About Us

Our goal is to create a community

PivotsFromCOVID.com is a result of one of the world's largest economic crisis. Our goal is to create an organic community of business owners sharing ideas on how they have grown and overcame the downturn.

Please help us by contributing and sharing your story. Tell us how you pivoted your business or built an entire new business during the COVID-19 Crisis. After doing so, please share your story and our website with your network of business owners to help grow our community!

Help support your fellow business owners

Please join our community by submitting your story. You'll notice a button in the top navigation menu of this website called "SUBMIT STORY".

Follow the link to a page where you can enter in your business name, location, title of your story, followed by the story you want to share to other business owners.

Once your story has been submitted, our team will review it. We will do our best to clean-up any formatting and add an applicable image for the post. The post will then go live within 24 hours and will display on the homepage of this website.