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PivotsFromCOVID.com is a result of one of the world's largest economic crisis.

Our goal is to create a community of business owners sharing ideas on how they have pivoted to overcome the downturn.

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From museum tours to virtual team building

In late February 2020, we got the first call from a client: they were so sorry, but they had to cancel their event.

Resourceful Practices

COVID-19 has upended families, routines, finances, altered lives and has changed the face of traditional on ground education for many.

Service Sales to Product Sales

Our product sales went from about 2% to 10% in the matter of one week- and when you think about your exposure online, if 10 in every 100 people who see your posts purchase a product, that’s a great deal.

Partnerships Create Strength

What a time to be alive! This pandemic has done crazy things around my city. Even though Tulsa is small, we still feel the impact.